Abstrack acceptance will begin on March 1, 2022, and the deadline for submission is September 15, 2022.

  • All physicians, nurses and physiotherapists interested in Intensive Care are invited to submit abstracks.
  • Abstracks will only be sent via the internet. Abstracts sent by fax or mail will not be evaluated. You can find the link to submit the abstrack on our website.
  • Abstracts should include research results or case reports discussing rare cases or conditions. Abstracts in compilation style will not be accepted.
  • Abstracts should be uploaded to the system in Turkish or English.
  • The author is responsible if the Abstracks comply with the spelling rules, and the Abstracks that do not comply with the spelling rules will not be evaluated.
  • Abstracks containing case reports should not exceed 400 words, excluding title and author information.
  • Abstracks containing research: Except for the title and author information, the full text should be uploaded in a maximum of 400 words, as it will be in the proceedings booklet.
  • The format of the abstrack should be prepared in accordance with the following points.
  • Title: Capital letters, abbreviations should not be used, it should be written in sentence format.
  • Authors: Names and institutions should be entered separately. For communication, authors should specify their e-mail and phone numbers.
  • Number of words: Except for the title and author information, case reports should be maximum 400 words, research Abstracks should be full text 400 words.
  • Keywords: They should be selected from MeSH and should be 3-5.
  • Abbreviations in the abstract should be written clearly where they are first used.
  • Abstracts should consist of the following sections.
  • Studies: Introduction, Purpose, Method, Results, Conclusion
  • Case Reports: Introduction, Case(s), Conclusion
  • The members of the abstract evaluation committee will score the Abstracks in accordance with the scoring system determined by the board of directors of the association and the congress executive committee according to their content, language of writing and the innovation they bring to the literature. It will be decided that accepted Abstracks will be considered as poster or oral presentations. Case reports will only be accepted as poster presentations.
  • The results of the peer-review will be sent to the e-mail addresses of the authors who have entered the Abstrack after the evaluation of all Abstracks is completed.
  • At least one of the authors must be registered until October 24, 2022 in order for the abstracts to be accepted and included in the congress Abstracks .
  • Both poster and oral presentations must be presented during the congress in order to be published. Abstracks that have been accepted and presented orally or as a poster during the congress will be published in the congress proceedings booklet.
  • Oral and poster presentations that have not been presented will not be included in the congress booklet, even if they are accepted to the congress.
  • About Uploading Full Text: When the acceptance letter is sent for the accepted Abstracks , they will be asked to log in to the system again and upload their full texts by the specified date. The full texts uploaded to the system will be included in the proceedings booklet. (*provided that the accepted Abstrack is submitted)

For your questions, you can contact yogunbakim@genx.com.tr

Thank you for your support.